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Hi, I'm Kate of katefeelscozy

I'm a graphic designer/marketing wizard by trade and a superhuman craftsperson by night and sometimes by day too.

My inspiration comes from anything that makes me feel cozy and warm. My knitted wear is all warm cozy knits and my lino block designs feature cute furry animals and house scenes.

I would consider myself a lino block artist and fiber arts artist. I have made over 40+ block designs, learning about my style as I go. I would consider my style to be detailed, warm, cozy and nature-focused.

I primarily print on cards, tote bags, tea towels and individual prints and have also printed on wrapping paper and makeup bags. I've completed 3 custom commission projects including custom design tote bags for the Texas Bluebonnets and for singer/songwriter Raul Ochoa (aka Modern Day Midas).

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Holiday Market #111/18-19/2023254
Holiday Market #211/24-26/2023294
Holiday Market #412/09-10/2023294
Holiday Market #612/22-24/2023295