Aunties Functional Art - Ceramic sculpture, Elf hats, Dragonfly baths, Harvest Aprons, Wool animals

elf hat (red or green)dragonfly bath

  things i make 🌺
      (*scroll down for pics)

CERAMICS: * Dragonfly baths * goddess & other sculptures, * jugs, * vases, *art cups, *bowls, * pendants, *honey lemon wands, *gargoyles (with “devil pod” seed heads)
*dancing trees candle holders, *menorahs, *reproductions of ancient clay & stone art 
& *whatever art my muses inspire
(currently working on a wearable Banksy wall pieces project, norse Runes ,greenman, butterflies & elementals)

CLOTH: * Elf hats, 
*reversible “Harvest Aprons” (aprons that can be turned into ‘baskets’), 
*animals, *masks, * capes, *gaiters, & other things i get inspired to create; all the patterns i create. 
(i do/can copy your favorite dress 👗 in a new color & LOVE commission work, & also do alterations, embellishments and can teach sewing)

FIBER ARTS: *wool knit horses (Mostly by pre-order, because the materials are very expensive & these take a long time) 
*wool felt animals from felt sheets
 (Sometimes hand made felt sheets from places like Nepal , when i can get them) *little horses are the most popular
I make little dragons with flower fairies who can ride on them. occasionally I needle felt wool roving felt onto these animals. as seen in the giraffe 🦒.
Once i combined waldorf doll with horse & made a centaur (that took a really long time, so they are special order.

JEWELRY: right now I am mostly making ceramic medallions & putting them on leather or cotton cord, 
but I also make jewelry on professional bead wire or sterling silver, using stones,  crystals, & various beads, sterling silver clasps or earring hoops.
I can repair jewelry or alter/recreate jewelry. I can also wrap stones (pic of black tourmaline with wire tree wrapping)
(I particularly like to do commission work with jewelry because people can choose what stones or beads they want… 
❤️I love to make specific things for specific people💕

as an artist and crafts person/artisan I am not factory production line, just me creating each thing one at a time...carving, knitting, designing, sewing, painting, glazing...
so pumping out the same piece of art or craft over and over again Is challenging... 
I find the need to switch it up often. 
I especially love wearable/functional art 💕
Also, as you can tell, I have many interests and talents so I like to create many different things, for people of the world but also for myself… 
(& sometimes for the fairies 🧚🏽‍♂️)

I am a small scale artist working in many mediums, often doing multimedia work. 
I have training/schooling in clay sculpture & pottery as well as painting, fiber arts, woodworking, sewing
I have a degree in Anthropology & have studied cultures throughout the world & across time.  
Many of my creations are influenced by Steiner/waldorf school handwork & arts (where I did teacher training, an adult art program, & handwork teaching)

i sculpt/carve each sculpture by hand individually;  sometimes the tiny ones take as long as the big ones. They all must be fired, glazed then fired again. 
each piece is one of a kind.
I also design my own patterns. 

I love  💕 to create art with function, such as my “dragonfly baths” which are sculptures but also meant as tiny bird bath like garden art for dragonflies
, bees 🐝 , butterflies 🦋..
...or Candleholders that through moving three shadows on the wall or necklace medallions that are also personal aromatherapy diffusers and even nail files in a pinch 😉
..I love to create voluptuous goddesses to put in the world to get away from the “Barbie” conditioning of this century 🧙🏼‍♀️

 (the ceramic pendants are also personal aromatherapy essential oil diffusors heated by body heat & even handy nail files in a pinch 😉)

lastly, a few words about pricing $;

I use high quality materials, many of which are expensive. For ceramics, an artisan must pay for clay, studio/kiln time and each piece must be fired twice, once bisque & once glaze fired. In addition to those fees and paying for an artists time to create a piece, there are also costs artisans must pay in booth fees (which can be very costly), percentages taken by shops & businesses, as well as costs of classes & training.
As much as I love giving my art away or charging super low amounts, it isn’t sustainable nor fair to me. I am a mother of a college student & he & I have many needs.  I consider & calculate VERY carefully & always come up with costs which are very fair; I promise you🌺

When you support an artist/artisan there is so much importance in what you are doing & it’s important that people understand all that goes into being a patron of artists. Artist also have to buy lots of materials & can go months without selling things. Most things artist make take hours and hours, some take days...some even months or years to finish! I know I’ve had a couple of paintings & knitting or weaving projects that took me years to finish.
Lastly,  I just want to mention that some artists don’t have a family or partner for support;  if they are just an artist selling at markets or venues which take a few of their things ...or even online, they don’t have benefits/healthcare. So when you support an artist & pay for the time it took and their materials & the fees & other costs you’re also providing them employment & the ability to get healthcare or medicine… food…clothing...housing

So, blessings upon you , dear patron of Art

please email me about custom orders, designing a sculpture, pendant, cup, etc & clothing creation or repairs...Or to inquire about lessons or classes for adults or kids.

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