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We live in interesting times. We've always lived in interesting times, but right now the majority of humans on the planet are aware of it. It's like constantly hearing the rattle of 7 billion dice on a roulette wheel that used to be the solid ground under our feet.

Events are moving fast, at the same time that if feels like we can't move. It's difficult to get your balance, difficult to find more than one perspective. A tarot reading might be useful, or now might not be the right time. Trust yourself.

If you feel that a tarot reading would be helpful, I'm offering a half an hour reading for $25. The layout will depend on the information you want to consider. If you're not sure what your question is, then we'll start your reading by using the tarot to clarify what would be helpful for you to focus on.

I'm also offering a $10 Equilibrium reading, about 10 minutes long. It's a short reading, looking at the energies around you, and how to understand them and to work with them to your best good.

Readings are available by phone, by video chat, or by text chat. Private Message me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tarotbyesther, or email me at tarotbyesther@gmail.com. Gift Certificates and custom readings are also available upon request.

Nota Bene: In my opinion, and my experience, a tarot reading in circumstances like these is effective on a personal level. I won't even try to look at 'world events' right now, nor will I try to pin down timing of public policies. There's just too many variables, too many people who have too many choices to make for me to be able to tune into any reliable probability current.

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