Nothing Conventional

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Nothing Conventional is my clothing brand of hand made and designed apparel and accessories, made from mostly recycled fabrics and natural fibers.  Sustainability in fashion is very important to me, every item I make I keep sustainability in mind and try to minimize the waste of valuable materials and resources.

Each item I make I try to use what I have already to create an original wearable piece of art. I also have been branching out into commission work, so if you have a project you think I would be a good fit for, let me know. I only take projects I feel I have the skills and tools to accomplish. 

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CategoryClothing, Hand Sewn
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Recent Attendance & Future Reservations for 2022:
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Saturday Market #104/02/2022186
Saturday Market #805/21/2022170
Saturday Market #1306/25/2022177
Saturday Market #1707/23/2022138
Saturday Market #2208/27/2022177
Holiday Market #1 - Lane Events Center11/19-20/2022100
Holiday Market #2 - Lane Events Center11/25-27/2022100
Holiday Market #3 - Lane Events Center12/03-04/2022100
Holiday Market #4 - Lane Events Center12/10-11/2022100
Holiday Market #5 - Lane Events Center12/17-18/2022100
Holiday Market #6 - Lane Events Center12/23-24/2022100