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Holiday Market 2017

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My interest in flamework, also called lampwork, glass goes back to the 70s in Anchorage, Alaska, when I was a stoneware potter and owned a crafts gallery, with extra studio space for other craftspeople to teach classes. In 1974 I set up torches for Ellen Goese to teach classes in flamework glass. I have been blowing glass ever since.

In 2013, I retired from my "in real life jobs" and made glass my full time vocation. I moved to Oregon and sold my glass at various craft fairs. The next summer I started at the Eugene Saturday Market with a 4x4 booth on the sidewalk, moving around where ever there was an opening.  I now have a permanent spot on the fountain block, across from the drinking fountain, space #180.

In the last couple of years I have been inspired by jellyfish, making jellyfish ornaments, earrings, pendants and wind chimes.  The basic shape -- a bell with tentacles -- is easily recognizable and provides a way for me to explore color, texture and materials

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