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I am a local writer of historical fiction novels set in and around the greater Eugene area. 
My five volume series begins with the prequel entitled: The Angel's Backbone. Although Verin Palmer, the patriarch of the Palmers, is introduced here as he makes his way across the Barlow Road to reach the Willamette Valley, the book is inspired by the unknown pioneer woman buried along the Barlow Road. I gave this hero of the pioneer era a name and a story as I did four other fictional characters who made their way across the prairie in 1869 for non traditional reasons.

Volume I in the Rainbow Roads Trilogy is entitled: The Longest Wooden Railroad. The year is 1929. Verin Palmer is the grandfather of Grayson Palmer who will appear again later in the series. In the isolated community of Horton, in the Oregon Coast range, a bold plan takes shape to bring prosperity to these sons of pioneers. But, a railroad built entirely of wood without rock for ballast or steel rails requires some real salesmanship! Everyone must participate as their parents did crossing the prairie in wagon trains. This  means everyone will suffer a huge loss if the railroad fails. Sinister elements are at work to ensure that it does.

Volume II in the series is entitled: Tahoe of the North. (1939) Don't let the title fool you! Waldo Lake in east Lane County was poised to suffer the same fate as Lake Tahoe in 1939. Yet there are those who stood in the way to preserve the area. One of those is Tara Jack from Horton, Oregon. She has moved to Eugene but flees following a vivid dream of warning. Before she leaves she has unfinished business! On an isolated Waldo Mountain lookout tower she hopes to find safety. Instead three men want her. Two desire to make her their own and one will stop at nothing to kill her. Enemies become unlikely allies to save her and the pristine wilderness.

Volume III in the series is entitled: The Color of Shadows. (1949). World War II is over but the Cold War has begun. Spies are everywhere, desperate to gaining the advantage in the space race. Grayson Palmer, Verin Palmer's grandson, from book i is hired as the first police inspector in Eugene. He is assigned to solve the case of two murders outside his jurisdiction, near supposedly abandoned military bases around Eugene. A spy known as, "The Painter," because of the gruesome way he decorates the bodies of those he has killed, proves to be an illusive foe that nearly costs him his life. 

The final volume in what has now been rebranded as the 100-Year series entitled: Yellow Cake, Yellow Earth is currently being written. 

There are two options for children. A coloring book and a hard back reader. The story is the same for both.
Young Claire discovers something new in her front yard: a tall windmill. It moves and makes noise but doesn't resemble any of the barnyard animals or those in her big book of circus animal.s What Could You Be, challenges the child's imagination and can serve as a discussion point with the child about labels and individual differences based on appearance.