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At FireSmith Copper, we seek to capture fire’s essence forever through copper, exposing the innate hidden properties of this metal’s ancient and utilitarian origin. We are enraptured by the shared characteristics of fire and copper, brought out by the intentional application of one element to the other. Copper’s luminosity, flexibility, and surprising array of colors are brought to its surface through our freehand, flame-painting techniques.

We use copper as a medium to explore all elemental harmonies found in the natural landscapes we’ve explored around the world: wind, water, sound, rock…in a word: life. As these relationships appear in our art, they speak quietly of our artistic process and materials. 

Every Work of Art is One of a Kind

At FireSmith Copper, no two pieces are identical. The designs we choose to portray are ephemeral and live momentarily in the studio. Each day brings a different motivation to the design process. 

Due to the free-hand nature of our creations, there are distinctions between each work, even when a specific design is reproduced. The imperfect movement of the human hand makes the art we create all the more dynamic, exciting, and original. 

We paint with fire to pull out the vibrant colors hidden within copper. Essentially, flame painting is the controlled oxidation of copper, so there is no need for added chemicals, acids, or dyes to create our dynamic artwork.

"Copper has an innate warmth, like a wood burning fireplace with family surrounding.  We hope our copper expressions will make you feel that warmth."

-Jennah & Paul Yost, the husband-and-wife team of FireSmith Copper

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