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        Eli Mazet may be the most passionate glass artist you will ever meet. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Eli is the middle brother who never considered himself an artist. Now he cannot imagine a life without it.   
	In about 2000, brother Josh introduced Eli to lamp work glass. He fell in love with it and developed his skills by watching videos, reading books and learning from other glass blowers. He spent hours on the torch practicing and within a few years he had developed the skills that take most people a life time. 
	He soon engaged his family and they started Mazet Studios. They developed a line of whimsical frogs, turtles, and sea creatures, marbles, pendants and ornaments. He established his work in fine coastal galleries, began to attend trade shows, and joined the Saturday Market.  His fascination with glass has led him to author, The Contemporary Shot Glass, and The American Shot Glass and the Machine. In 2017 Eli released his first DVD The American Shot Glass. In this entertaining and instructional video he demonstrates how to make the basic shot glass and three designs. In 2019, he released his first documentary film Pipetown, USA, a documentary about the glass pipe culture that started in Eugene, OR.  
         As an award winning glass artist his enthusiasm has never faded and his love of glass has only grown. He is always looking for new things to make in glass and is always inspired by other glass artists. He continues in the family business, attends a few large trade shows each year and can regularly be found at his Saturday Market (booth 347) or Holiday Market (booth 165A). Follow Eli on Facebook or Instagram for live stream video as he works!

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