Blessed Bead - Blessed Bead by Nome May

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my work translates my passion for beads into durable, elegant jewelry that can be worn anywhere. I explore the nuances of light, color, and texture using a wide variety of gemstones and vintage and contemporary glass beads, sterling silver and gold-filled wire. using simple hand tools and ancient techniques, the jewelry connects the wearer to a fascinating history of bead as personal adornment.
I also make dichroic glass pendants that sparkle, with images from nature highlighting the designs.
I also use an electroforming technique to create a darkly whimsical menagerie called little Bastards-the love children of science and nature. This family of work only comes to the holiday market.
I also am ver well known for my tiny antique seed bead embroidery, both as wearables and pictures. The pansy I use in my logo is a representation of this work, and my most popular beadwork design.

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