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The Tenth Muse LLC

We are northwest natives, born and educated in Oregon. We design with a sense of wonder and respect for the materials we use. Our belief is that people would rather have something special; a piece that is just for them.

The Tenth Muse was founded in 1996 in Eugene, Oregon. With inspiration and support from my mentors, I was encouraged to see if I could make it on my own, designing and bringing to life any whimsies I could dream up.

When I go into my shop I design and create unique and unusual pieces. I endeavor to fuse timeless elements from the past and whimsy galore with modern and ancient techniques. My pieces have influences from all over the world and throughout time.

We currently sell at the Eugene Saturday Market, The Holiday Market, The Cultural and Natural History Museum, and at art shows all over Oregon. We happily ship custom pieces all over the world.

Please contact us with any questions or ideas!

Contact Info:
AddressThe Tenth Muse
P.O box 1237
Creswell OR 97426
Category and Searchable Keywords:
  • Hand crafted jewelry fabricated of metal & Stone
  • copper
  • sand castings
  • fossisl
  • moon
  • sterling silver
  • gemstones
  • pearls
  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • rings
  • cabochon
  • celestial
  • spiritual
  • custom gemstones
  • lapidary

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Recent Attendance & Future Reservations for 2021:
Market NameDate(s)Space #
Holiday Market #1 - Lane Events Center11/20-21/2021124
Holiday Market #2 - Lane Events Center11/26-28/2021124
Holiday Market #3 - Lane Event Center12/04-05/2021124
Holiday Market #4- Lane Event Center12/11-12/2021124
Holiday Market #5-Lane Event Center12/18-19/2021124
Holiday Market #6-Lane Event Center12/23-24/2021124