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I have been a jewelry artist for 40+ years.  I have been a Saturday Market member since the early 1980's.   I work in sterling silver and 14 kt. Gold.  I cut, shape and polish the stones I use in my one of kind designs. My focus is unusual jaspers,agates, minerals and rare stone formations.  I use what nature has created, turning it into a canvas, framed in silver to showcase its inherent beauty.  I work with sheet and wire which I forge, form and solder. Most of my pendants are individually crafted, one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art.  My style is unique and ever changing .  Learning new techniques, finding interesting stones, taking on unusual projects, makes my life as an artist exciting.

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  • Metal Jewelry
  • Sterling Silver & Gold
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  • pins
  • earrings & bracelets
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  • Lapidary
  • hair ornaments
  • will do custonm cut and reset stones

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