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Artist Bio: Ann & Jay Schwartz

Ann Schwartz has been artistically etching glass since 1975.  She has innovated and refined several sandblasting techniques that are unique in the production of artistically sandblasted glass and glassware.  The airbrush quality and dimensional depth of her finely detailed etchings illustrates her dedication to producing work that conveys a sense of flow, beauty, and humor.  Ann designs and freehand draws all of Jaguar’s imagery.  She also skillfully cuts all of her stencils by hand.  Afterwards, she sandblasts each piece individually.  To ensure the authenticity and preserve the timeless value of their art, each individual piece is signed and dated.

Ann has received little formal art training, although her parents were university level arts and crafts education instructors.  Because they were teachers, her exposure to museums and a larger art world was constant and pervasive.  Her earliest memories are of crawling under her mother’s loom and spinning on her father’s potters kick wheel.  “I believe that my sensitivity to art is inherent.  However, it has been the years of experimentation, innovation, practice, and sheer determination that have allowed me to achieve the high skill level now enjoy”.

Ann first noticed etched glass on a home her father was restoring.  After introducing her to the most elementary techniques, she was hooked.  Having been raised and still living in Arizona, she knew the only way to make it in the local art scene was to paint either cowboys or Indians.  “I could appreciate this style of art, but I was much more interested in developing my own artistic skills and style by etching glass.”  In a matter of months, Ann was etching architectural glass for local homes and businesses.  “Not only was I learning and having fun, I was actually able to support myself.”

When she moved to Eugene Oregon, Ann found the demand for architectural glass was not as strong.  She soon discovered Eugene’s Saturday Market, the local weekly arts and crafts show.  “I saw this was the perfect venue for smaller, easier to carry objects, so I started experimenting with etching on the much more difficult curved surfaces of glassware.”  After developing new techniques and the skills to back them up, she concentrated on imagery and design.  Her designs reflect what she finds most attractive; the elegant flow of nature, reduced to pure design and whimsical light-hearted themes.

Ann and Jay met in early 1994.  He was running a successful batik clothing business and had crafted exotic wooden tongue drums years before that.  His experience in the retail and wholesale craft business was extensive.  They married in 1996 (on Leap Day ♥) and rather than attempt two separate craft businesses they joined forces etching glass.  “Marrying Ann was the best decision I ever made.  Having an opportunity to combine our talents was the frosting on the cake.”  Jay’s influence can best be felt throughout the process.  He has developed and built systems for production which allows he and Ann to work safely and more efficiently.

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