2019 Season Membership Applications

For Renewing Market Members

This form includes Reserve Space Renewal Form and Wish List sections.

Membership Renewal Form

For New Members

For those who are new to Market, or returning after a break of 2 years or more.

New Member Application

Holiday Market Applications

Holiday Market 2019 Membership Applications

For Holiday Market Booth Holders of Record (Reserve Vendors)

Reclaim or change your Holiday Market reserve space. Deadline is July 20!

Booth Holder of Record Form

For Non-Reserve Vendors (current Market members only)

Apply for booth space if you are a current Saturday Market member, and do not have a HM reserve space. Folks with 20+ HM points should apply by July 20 to assure that we have your application before booth allocation starts!

Non-Reserve Vendor Application

For New Members

Apply for booth space if you are prospective Saturday Market member, and would like to sell at Holiday Market.

New Member Application

We do give preference to people who sell at Saturday Market, you will find the application on this page, and can start selling any time.

Here is a great place to get started learning about selling at our Markets: How To Sell at Saturday Market.