Heart Compass

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Formally known as "Tonka Beans Studio," Andréa Daly allowed the universe to transform her life in 2020 in very profound ways.  After the sudden and unexpected death of her father and then a global pandemic crisis, Andréa began to feel like life was too precious to waste.  In May of 2020 she purchased a 2005 cargo van with her boyfriend to build it out into an adventure tiny home on wheels so she could craft a lifestyle that would allow her more time and freedom to explore the backcountry.  She invested in some camera gear and taught herself how to do video editing so she could document her adventures and lifestyle with the wider world.  Spending more time off grid and away from her painting studio, Andréa decided to take up a more mobile-friendly artform....hence, she started to practice embroidery and have fallen in love with this artform and the new vision behind "Heart Compass" was born.  The inspiration for her embroidery works come from the photos she takes while traveling the country and visiting earth's more wild places.  If interested in following along with her adventures, subscribe to her YouTube channel "Heart Compass."