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"I find myself drawn to highly detailed work. Catching an ordinary moment of an animal’s life and spending numerous hours recreating that moment with each tiny brushstroke of fur is humbling. “Mundane” moments make up the entirety of our lives. It’s special to make the fleeting permanent... and, ironically, to bring attention back to the importance of the seemingly unimportant present. Because, after all... that’s all we have," says Bekah Zeimetz about her work. 

Other than a couple classes in high school, Bekah is a self-taught artist living in Eugene, OR. She works with gouache and acrylic paint on birch panels. 

To view more of Bekah's work or to make a purchase of a print, card, original, or commission, please visit To check in on her current works in progress, follow her Instagram: @bekahzeimetzart.