Goosehill Gifts - Nature Inspired Home Decor!

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Unique Gifts of Nature Inspired Home Decor!

Bringing elements of the natural world inside with hanging flower drops, magnets and repurposed art. How about a little patch of mossy woods or colors from a flower garden? Or maybe a mini blast of the beach is all that window or counter top needs. My inspiration is the natural world, and my hope is to help people feel a stronger connection to nature with unique and handmade pieces of home decor and more. Whether you need an unique and handmade gift or just want to treat yourself, Goosehill Gifts would love to help!

If you aren't able to make it to market, I have lots of great gift options on my website, like terrarium kits, flower drops and clay wrap magnets with dried flowers. If there is something in my image gallery that is not available on my website, just email me, and I can send you pics of what I have available, I am always creating new things! To see more of my work, check me out on Instagram. To know about special events and offers, follow me on Facebook.

I also really love to do custom orders, so hit me up if you want an awesome, custom gift for someone or yourself. I am located in booth 115 almost every Saturday on the park blocks and in booth 229 at Holiday Market, can't wait to see you there!