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"William Lovell Finley--Champion of Oregon's Wildlife refuges." Includes early 1900 photographs of wildfowl from glass plates. My book highlights Finley's efforts to save refuges--sanctuaries were migratory birds could build their nests, breed, and rest. Until now not enough information had been written about Finley's relentless efforts to save Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon. This is a biography of one of Oregon's greatest conservationists--$17.95

“Saving the Willamette-A History of Oregon’s Heartland River.” From the River’s Birth to the 21st Century $17.95.

“Oswald West—Oregon’s 14th Governor—1911-1915”. He saved Oregon beaches-$17.95

“Lifting Oregon Out Of The Mud. Building Oregon’s Coast Highway.” 1900-1936 (The Most Scenic Highway in the World.) $17.95

"Building Oregon’s Coast Highway. 1936-1966” (Completes the highway with the building of the Astoria Megler Bridge in 1966.) $17.95

"The Bellfountain Giant Killers—A Miraculous 1937 Oregon State High School Basketball Championship” $12.00

“The Tall Firs-The University of Oregon Wins the First NCAA Basketball Championship. 1939.” $13.00

“Eugene’s Civic Stadium-From Muddy Football Games to Professional Baseball.” (This book Made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.) $15.00

“The Drain Black Sox of Oregon Vs. The Alpine Cowboys of Texas-The glory days of semi-pro baseball: 1930-1960. (A 1958 National Semi-Pro Championship) $14.95

"Rebellion, Murder, and a Pulitzer Prize. (1933)(A dictator tries to take over Medford and Jackson County)  $17.95

"A Tribute to McArthur Court-Its Beginning.-$8.00


"Sasquatch"-A 1960s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend. Written by Ken Coon. Edited by Joe R. Blakely and Pat Edwards. $17.95 (A Real Page Turner)


"Bigfoot and the Ancient Forest". Time travel, hunters, loggers, love, and Bigfoot. $15.00

"Deady Hall (A Ghostly Encounter) Novella-$7.95

"Kidnapped On Oregon’s Coast Highway-1926. (A Suspenseful Chase from Brookings, Oregon to Astoria.) $15.00

"Murder on Oregon’s Coast Highway-1961.
(A Suspencful Chase from Astoria to Brookings, Oregon.) $15.00

"The Heirloom"-Drama in Bandon Oregon-1920s. $15.00

"Crisis In Greenville"-(A team of Baseball Rejects Tries to Win a Pennant.)$15.00

To purchase any of Mr. Blakely’s books-Please send the amount of the book plus $3.00 shipping to Joe R. Blakely, PO Box 51561, Eugene, Oregon 97405

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