Firebird Silverworks (public email)
  I've been an artist/ craftsperson for over 35 years. I do constructed pieces out of silver, with bronze and brass accents, and I also do lost wax casting. Sculpting a new wax is a favored process and I do my own casting. Nature has always been my inspiration and muse.
  I enjoy selling directly to the public and interacting with customers on a one-on-one basis. Occasionally, a customer will provide the spark for a great idea and new design. The creative spirit flows and grows and Saturday Market is a showcase for sharing.

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  • Sterling Jewelry By Lost Wax Casting
  • Construction
  • feather earrings& hair decorations
  • leather bracelets
  • leather bookmarks
  • nature
  • wildlife
  • animals
  • pendants
  • charms
  • earrings
  • stud earrings
  • hair barrettes
  • ponytail ties
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