Teresa's Phantasmagoria - Spoon Jewelry

My booth

These are items I handcraft and sell every Saturday at the Eugene Saturday Market, "The oldest open air craft festival in the USA", here in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.

I make these pieces using self-designed jigs and brute strength, the old school way. I have been doing my craft since 1974 at the Saturday market and I am at the market most Saturdays, rain or shine.

Please realize that my art is made from OLD  silver-plated spoons, forks, and a few butter knives. This silverware has had a varied and eventfull life. Like people, some pieces wear it well and some do not. 

I try to choose only pieces to use that are in good shape. Still the activities of the past are reflected in the piece. I see this as an attribute rather than a detraction.