Winship Designs LLC - Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Rufus Hummingbird
My wife, Lisa Bieber, and I (David Winship) enjoy making these hummingbird feeders. Through years of iterative experimentation, trial and error, we have come up with a product that functions well, is beautiful to look at, does not drip, provides a perch from which the birds can feed, and is easy to clean. These feeders are lampworked from thermally shock resistant borosilicate glass (Pyrex), so cleaning can be accomplished with heat: boiling or steaming the feeder will sterilize the bottle and in no way hurt, diminish, or crack the glass. The lower feeding dish is assembled from ready-made objects of my design. My wife and I assemble the 3 components: spun aluminum for the outer two halves of the feeding dish and an internal plastic component, the piece that provides the dripless functionality.