Saturday Market 2016
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Fees & Membership Agreement

Membership Dues are $50 annually. We are unable to accept payments online at this time.

Mail your payment to:
Eugene Saturday Market
30 E. Broadway #124
Eugene, OR 97401

You can also make your payment in person at the office or call 541-686-8885 to make a credit card payment.

Season Agreement:

I agree to abide by all rules, regulations and guidelines approved by the Saturday Market Board of Directors as well as those rules, regulations and guidelines found in the current Saturday Market Member Information Handbook, the Craft Specific Guidelines and the 2016 Membership Agreement. I understand that members violating rules, regulations or guidelines may be requested to appear before the Standards Committee or the Board of Directors, and permission to participate in Saturday Market may be revoked at any time for violations of any rules, regulations or guidelines.

Specifically, I understand that only crafts which meet the following criteria may be sold at Saturday Market:

  1. Items must be handmade, or grown or gathered by the Market member, or a member of their immediate family living in Oregon.
  2. The member contribution to a finished product must outweigh the contribution of any commercial components used in the making of that product. Skills in craftsmanship, as well as creative abilities, ingenuity and design skills are examples of member contribution.
  3. The product must meet basic expectations of product life, function and safety.

Additional guidelines are published in the Craft Specific Guidelines (which is also available in print from the Market office on request).

I declare that I have created all items that I sell. I understand that upon one week notice I am required to produce, in the presence of a representative of the Standards Committee, any item offered for sale. This work shall be done within a distance and at a site deemed reasonable by the Standards Committee.