Holiday Market 2017 Application Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Saturday Market’s Holiday Market. Review this information before proceeding to the application form. Contact our office, 541-686-8885, if you have further questions.

There are four steps to complete in order to sell at Holiday Market:

  1. Submit your application and a $100 deposit.
  2. Wait for a call from Membership Coordinator Vanessa Roy about picking a space. This will happen after all current Market members have chosen spaces, probably toward the end of September. Once contacted, you will have 48 hours to choose a space from those offered, or we will assign you a space.
  3. Have your products approved and attend a Holiday Market Orientation. Product screenings take place the first and third Wednesday of each month at 4:15 at our office, you do not need to wait to get your products approved. Dates and times of Holiday Market Orienations are TBA, but generally in late October/early November.
  4. Pay the balance of your fees, after you have a space.

Fees for Holiday Market 2017

Fees for each weekend are detailed in the chart below. There is a separate $50 annual fee for membership in the Saturday Market. If you end up selling for just one or two of these date blocks, your membership fee will be reduced to $25. If you end up selling for more than two blocks it will be the full $50. A $25 "Refundable Work Deposit" is added to your fees and refunded if you do a 2 hour work task such as table cleaning or evening door security. FYI: Holiday Hall has a small number of spaces and generally sells out before we get to brand new members. As booking proceeds, we will make note of sold out dates on this page.

Prices: Main Hall (the big room)
Selling Dates 6'x8' 8'x8' 10'x8'
Nov. 18-19 $87 $116 $145
Nov. 24-26 $140 $186 $233
Dec. 2-3 $134 $178 $223
Dec. 9-10 $134 $178 $223
Dec. 16-17 $141 $188 $235
Dec. 22-24 $117 $156 $195
Or Sell All Dates $753 $1002 $1254
Prices: Holiday Hall (the side room)
Selling Dates 4'x4' 4'x8' 8'x8'
Nov. 18-19 $21 $43 $85
Nov. 24-26 $33 $65 $130
Dec. 2-3 $31 $62 $123
Dec. 9-10 $31 $62 $123
Dec. 16-17 $33 $67 $133
Dec. 22-24 $27 $54 $107
Or Sell All Dates $176 $353 $701
Additional Fees
Refundable Work Deposit $25
Full Membership Fee (sell 3 or more blocks) $50
Special Reduced Membership Fee (sell 1 or 2 blocks) $25

Holiday Market New Member Orientation & New Product Screening

You are required to attend a Holiday Market New Member Orientation specifically geared toward selling at Holiday Market. These orientations are scheduled for Weds., Oct. 11 at 6 PM, Weds., Oct. 25 at 6 PM and Weds., Nov. 1 at 3:30 PM.

You must also have your products screened and approved before you'll be permitted to sell at Holiday Market, to assure that they meet Saturday Market product guidelines. Product screenings take place every first and third Wednesday of the month at 4:15 PM at our office, through November 1. You do not have to wait until October to get your products approved.

Products are reviewed by the Standards Committee according to the Market’s general craft guidelines plus any guidelines for specific craft areas. The general guidelines are:

  1. Items must be handmade, or grown or gathered by the Market member, or a member of their immediate family living in Oregon.
  2. The member contribution to a finished product must outweigh the contribution of any commercial components used in the making of that product. Skills in craftsmanship, as well as creative abilities, ingenuity and design skills are examples of member contribution.
  3. The product must meet basic expectations of product life, function and safety.

Please check the guidelines for your specific craft area in the Craft Specific Guidelines.

Fire Regulations

The Eugene Fire Marshal rigorously enforces specific regulations for events at the Fairgrounds.

Each craft booth is required to have a 2A10BC (or larger) fire extinguisher, inspected within the last twelve months, readily visible and accessible. Extinguishers must have pins in place with ties and a gauge that reads in the green. You must make sure a pin is in place and secured with a tie. If you find yourself without a pin or tie—talk to a staff member! Vendors will be held responsible for damages resulting from accidentally discharged extinguishers.

All full wall decorations, side walls and coverings of booths are required to be fire resistant and you must be able to show proof of the requirement. Table coverings and wares are not required to be fire resistant. All extension cords must be plugged into an approved receptacle and may not be used in series. All extension cords must be of the grounded type - no small home extension cords. More details about the electrical requirements are specified in the Electrical Requirements pdf.

No live greens are permitted. No roofs on booths are permitted.

Further Information

Please review these important documents about the 2017 Holiday Market:

Proceed to the Application Form

*Combined Market Membership & Holiday Market application*