Beautiful Booth at Saturday Market

Thomas and Bertie Sebastian, Aunt Beezzz Things

Every Saturday, our members come down to the Park Blocks for a full day of connecting with the public to sell their handmade products and artwork. Some booths stand out as being particularly beautiful due to their choices for displaying their unique items. It's hard to pick just one. Thomas and Bertie Sebastian with Aunt Beezzz Things have an amazing display that draws in Saturday Market visitors. They are invited to touch and try on their distinctive jewelry. We had a little chat about their business, design choices and products.

How did you decide on the name Aunt Beezzz Things and the bee theme for the display?
When my niece was little she used to call me Aunt B. Everyone thought that was hilarious because they were thinking Aunt B from The Andy Griffin Show. When we started our business Thomas thought that would be catchy from a marketing stand point. So, we came up with Aunt Beezzz Things. Things instead of jewelry because we didn't know which direction we were going to go. We decided on the bee theme because we think they are cool and people like to talk about the plight of the bees. We are also as sweet as honey.

Tell us a little bit about the jewelry and your other artwork.
Thomas is a multi- faceted artist. We make a wide variety of jewelry in an attempt to please as many customers as possible. We use a variety of metals but the majority of our jewelry is made using "Argentium" sterling silver. Reactive metals such as Niobium and Titanium as well as patinated copper are also represented in our styles. Our designs range from simple hoops to sculpted and fused silver work. The figures on stones are hand sculpted and fused Sterling Silver. They are mounted on agates found here locally.

How long have you been making your products?
We have been selling Thomas's art for over 30 years.

That's fantastic! This is your first year with us at Saturday Market. Where else have you sold jewelry and his artwork?
Mostly through an art gallery in Ohio. This was some time ago. We started wholesaling Jewelry in 2015. Saturday Market is our first craft / market show. We have sold some pieces on both eBay and Etsy. We also have a little on Amazon.

Your display is wonderful-especially all of your stands and racks. Did you make them?
Yes. We made all the wood displays. The one you have in your pictures (with the mirror on top) was our first display which we made from junk we had laying around. The other wood displays we made from cabinet doors that we bought from Bring Recycling.

What is one piece of advice you would share with new artists selling at Saturday Market?
Always smile and be engaging with your customers but, give them their space. Listen to what your customers want or any helpful advise they want to give.

Aunt Beezzz Things are selling in the 4x4 spaces on the west side of the fountain block. They are new to the market and move to different spaces each week. Please ask for their space number at the Info Booth when you visit us on Saturday.