Beautiful Booth of the Month, October 2016

Daniel Yanchury, Corylus Crafts

The first couple of times I walked by, I noticed the spoons. The elegant yet rustic, frequently squared off shapes, the carvings on the handles, the way the shape moves with the grain, the satiny smooth texture. Then I saw the sign. Split from a log. Carved with an axe. Finished with a knife. Carved with an axe? Really? Of course a conversation followed.

I was amazed to learn from Daniel Yanchury, the carver, that he uses freshly cut hardwood to form his utensils. The moisture in the wood makes it easy to carve and shape. He really does start with an axe to form the basic shape, then continues with other knives and hand tools. Once the piece is dry, it’s finished with a very sharp finishing knife that creates a durable finish that won’t fuzz up when it gets wet. The spoon is finished with raw Flax oil. No sandpaper is involved, and the spoon just gets better with use and age.

Daniel and his partner started collecting wooden spoons years ago, and eventually the interest in learning how to make them grew. So he did a lot of research in books and on the internet, and taught himself to carve in a style inspired by Scandinavian traditions. He has also built his own nice display racks and shelves to suit his products perfectly.

Definitely stop by and pick up a spoon or two and experience the textures of the surface. Each one has a personality of its own, and there’s likely to be one that will suit you perfectly. If you are too far away to come by in person, have a look at his extensive and fascinating website to learn more.