Beautiful Booth of the Month, July 2016

Sara Seitzman, Batiah Botanicals &
Colin Hazard, Colin Hazard Designs

Sara Seitzman and Colin Hazard moved to Eugene just a couple of years ago, and started selling at Market at the beginning of this season, but they already fit in like long time Eugeneans and experienced Marketeers.

Sara works at Mountain Rose Herbs, so developing a line of body care products using these high quality herbal ingredients seems a natural development. She is also currently going to school for clinical Aromatherapy and working towards her certification. If you can't make it to Market, you can find her products at

Colin is a self taught illustrator and designer. He uses watercolor, gouache and ink, along with his visionary imagination, to create his artworks. Many of the drawings are inspired by the theory of Quantum physics. He reproduces and sells them as wall art and art cards. He's also a jeweler with a definite style, using primarily stone beads and metal rings to produce unique earrings. You can see more of his artwork at

So why give up half of their weekend to spend the day in a Market booth? They both told me how it's such a valuable thing to get instant feedback from customers on a weekly basis, it really helps with product design and development. In fact, Sara has just rolled out brand new colorful labels, as you will see. They also really enjoy the community of Market artisans, and getting great feedback and advice from them too.

Flip through the photos and see more of what Sara and Colin have to offer, then come down and meet them in person. You really need to experience that Nourish Hand Balm first hand...