Beautiful Booth of the Month, August 2017

Carmen Peal, Moon Lagoon Jewelry

A beautiful booth doesn't need to be huge to catch attention. It can be a creative use of space, a repurposed/up-cycled space, or a unique construction. As long as the space catches your eye, and draws you in to see the product, it qualifies. This month, we're going to take a look at the upcycled 4 foot space from Carmen Peal, owner and operator of Moon Lagoon Jewelry, by Carmen.

"This is my converted lemonade stand," she explains, "it's painted with the paint that we used in my bedroom!". Bright blue, with a handcrafted sign hanging from the top, this booth is as functional as it is adorable. "Pastels are my favorite colors, and they definitely draw people in." To expand storage, she added, "a little shelving unit that we had, that we just kind of pieced together." The back of the booth can store her extra product and help reduce the footprint for packing out at the end of the day. Carmen is a jeweler, making beaded bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The beads from the bracelets come from a handcrafting factory in Africa, which is run by and benefitting women in the area, helping to get on their feet.

The earrings are a mix of different pieces, with Carmen's favorites being the "hand-drizzled" beads, purchased from artisans at the local gem faire. Carmen is a frequent visitor of the gem faire, hunting for the perfect additions for the last four years. Carmen's necklaces are built from an even more personal place. They are built from pieces of her great-grandmother's leftover items in the costume drawer. Rather than let them fall apart, they are refurbished into beautiful necklaces. "I just got done making all of these necklaces over the last two weeks, and these pastel earrings. I've never been this proud and this happy to make a piece of jewelry. They all cater to my loves."

Carmen is in her second season as a member of the Saturday Market, adding new products and accoutrements to her booth regularly. She's already set up to accept credit cards, and has a mirror display for attendees to try on her crafts. She's working on sketches and designs for new products, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the future. She plans to continue selling at Saturday Market, and has her eye on comic conventions in the future. "I really want to start making more stuff. There's so much fun at comic conventions, and the style of what I make, what I really love to make, fits with that demographic. The pop culture stuff is really interesting." I'm looking forward to seeing more of Carmen's creations in the future!

Moon Lagoon Jewelry by Carmen is currently only available at the Saturday Market booth, so please take a moment to check out her jewelry and the awesome booth!