Beautiful Booth at Saturday Market

Kelly Martin, Gyspy Intent

Every Saturday, our members come down to the Park Blocks for a full day of connecting with the public to sell their handmade products and artwork. Some booths stand out as being particularly beautiful due to their choices for displaying their unique items. It's hard to pick just one. Kelly Martin's creative booth display draws in Saturday Market visitors. They are invited to touch and try on her distinctive jewelry. We had a little chat about her design choices and products.

Tell us a little bit about the jewelry you make.
I use a lot of sari silk remnants. They're the remnants when they cut the patterns out for the saris in India and Pakistan. Local women gather it up and make yarn out of it. It comes in little strips. The copper is recycled too.

How long have you been selling at The Saturday Market?
I started selling at Saturday Market in August of 2017.

Why did you choose to use recycled wood to display your jewelry?
When I moved to town I didn't have my booth equipment so when I found Saturday Market I had to invent a new booth. I live on a farm. The wood was available. I scrounged up the wood and so far people like it. I use a chicken coop walkway for an earring display. My sign is made from left over fabric.

What is one piece of advice you would share with new artists selling at Saturday Market?
Listen to the customers. People were asking me for fatter gauge earrings and I made them and people started buying them. They didn't just want to put me to work, they wanted to buy them. Listen to the customers. They tell you what they want.

Gypsy Intent by Kelly Martin sells regularly at the Saturday Market on the East Block, near the stage. Come take a look, and pick up one of her outstanding products!