Beautiful Booth of the Month, August 2016

Sara Krol, Saratopia Jewelry &
Jill Krol, Saradippity Soaps & Nibbles Bakery Pet Treats

At 10 years old, Sara Krol is already a seasoned crafter and Marketeer, helping ther mom Jill with making products and minding the Saturday Market booth. Now she's got her own product to sell, a line of colorful earrings she calls "Saratopia Jewelry." She told me she got the idea for the business name because she's a big fan of the movie Dinotopia. She paints the paper, and then coats it to be waterproof. She then cuts and folds it and adds the metal crimps at the top. Sometimes she needs a little help from Jill, but mainly it's her work, and definitely her cheerful sense of color. Money she earns goes into funds for college, camp, and electronics.

Sara's mom Jill also tells some beautiful color stories with her Saradippity Soaps. Jill started making soaps years ago because she was frustrated with how bad store-bought soap was for her dry skin. She developed extra moisturizing soaps using goats milk. She does have animal-product free soaps as well. And yes, they are named after Sara - baby bath time was called "dippity" in their house.

But wait, there's more! There are home baked pet treats in lots of flavors, catnip toys in bright colors, and stuffed pets as well. This duo is just bursting with creative energy, so stop in and appreciate all the loveliness next time you're at Market, in booth #377 just past Nice Rice along 8th Ave.