Beautiful Booth at Saturday Market

Lisa Goldspink, Vintage Green

Every Saturday our members bring their products down to the Park Blocks for a full day of connecting with the public to sell their handmade products and artwork. Some booths stand out as being particularly beautiful due to their choices for displaying their unique items. It's hard to pick just one. Lisa Goldspink's booth stood out in the 4x4 sized booths last Saturday, June 30th, 2018.

Tell us a little bit about what products you offer.
All my products are upcycled. They are made from previously used items. I use vintage tins and other recycled metals. I look for inspiration everywhere. There's things taken from industrial tubes, copper pipes that I've taken apart. I've made necklaces from the copper conducter in track lighting. I do etching on the copper as well. I use salt water electricity for that.

How long have you been making your jewelry and wraps?
I've been making my jewelry for six years.

How long have you been selling at The Saturday Market?
Two years

What do you do to decorate your booth, to make it appealing to potential customers?
I try to make it balance. I like colors. I like contrast. But you want to be able to see the product as well. I try to get colors that are eye catching.

What is one piece of advice you would share with new artists selling at Saturday Market?
Just keep trying. Keep changing. Keep evolving.

What do you wish you knew when you started selling at Saturday Market
Be patient. It gets better and better. And easier. There's a system to it. You've got to figure out your system, and once you've got your system, it's a breeze.

Vintage Green by Lisa Goldspink are available at the Saturday Market on the West Block, along Park St. Come take a look, and pick up one of her outstanding products!