Beautiful Booth of the Month, September 2016

Jaimee Gentile, Paintings for Hummingbirds

Artist Jaimee Gentile displays the main tools of her trade in her booth every Saturday. If you weren't looking, you'd miss the two tiny brushes with nearly invisible brush hairs. I am amazed every time I stop by the Paintings for Hummingbirds booth at what those brushes and Jaimee's steady and talented hand can do. Many paintings are just 1" square, as proven by the brass ruler she keeps on the table.

Jaimee studied painting in art school, but preferred abstracts. Always inspired by nature even in those abstracts, she just recently decided to try realistic paintings. The tiny watercolors are incredibly detailed depictions of animals, plants and landscapes. She loves miniaturizing wild animals, and feels that the tiny size helps people connect with the animals' essential spirits. But why paint SO small? Turns out the reason is simple and obvious - she and her partner moved into a 19' travel trailer and there was literally no room for canvases or extensive supplies.

Though new to Saturday Market this year, Jaimee is a multitalented crafter who has lots of show experience. She has sold her dichroic glass jewelry and knitting in many of places. But this is the first place she has sold her paintings, and it has been a little challenging. The other crafts are more production work, and easy to crank out and put up for sale. The watercolors are far more personal, as she puts a little of her soul in to each painting, so it can feel pretty exposed to set them out for customers.

As luck would have it, Jaimee needs to be out of town for most of September, so you probably won't be able to catch her at Market until October. Then she'll be back and selling regularly, including some Holiday Market dates. Be sure and check out her regular new painting posts on Instagram @paintingsforhummingbirds, and find more work in her etsy shop: But really, do come see them in person at Market. You'll be amazed!