Beautiful Booth of the Month, June 2017

Ritta Dreier, Ritta's Burritos

It could have been Ritta's Chex Mix... OK, not really. But mid-westerner Ritta Dreier does love Chex Mix, and it was briefly on the menu at Ritta's fledgling Saturday Market booth. Obviously it was easily eclipsed by another, more beloved item. Forty years on we're still standing in line on Saturdays so we can eat that Ritta's Burrito!

When Ritta Dreier came to Eugene in 1978, her sister Roberta was already selling meat pies at Saturday Market from her Lovin' Oven booth. She advised Ritta to drop her plans to be a Nurse's Aid and sell food at the Market instead. A very popular burrito booth was quitting, so Ritta should make burritos. Ritta is still rolling those famous burritos all these years later. She was successful from the get go, filling big burritos with lots of extra goodies like mushrooms and peppers. Over the first few years she refined her ingredients and techniques and settled into a solid recipe, but still makes adjustments. Do you remember when there were alfalfa sprouts in your Ritta's? Then you've been here long enough to qualify as an old-timer/local. Ritta also loves inventing new flavor combinations for her monthly Queso Melt specials.

The bright, cheery cart that is Ritta's Burritos' current beautiful booth was custom designed and built from the axles up by Ritta's husband Rockey Sigloh in 2014. Scroll through the photos and you'll see how carefully put together it is. Four people can easily work together in the space to take orders, roll up burritos and dish out queso melts and bowls. I like seeing the homey touches like the old fashioned clock and the trinkets on the cork board. As you can see, my camera frequently stops to capture whatever gorgeous vintage vase is on the counter filled with counter-queen Stephanie's home grown flowers.

Next time you're at Market, stop by and congratulate Ritta on forty years of burritos well rolled, and of course try one for yourself!