Beautiful Booth of the Month, September 2017

Emily Bishop, Henna Creations

This month, we're trying something new: a direct Q and A with the marketeer. Emily Bishop, proprietor of Henna Creations, has an amazing product and a spectacular booth. Let's get into it.

How long have you been doing henna and jagua?

I create original body art using the all natural stains of the Henna and Jagua plants. I am so honored to share in peoples celebrations by providing living art which will stay with them for weeks. I am available at Eugene Saturday Market, by appointment, or hourly at your special event. I love my job and the endless opportunity to evolve my art!

How long have you been doing your art at The Saturday Market?

In my 17 years of henna I have never run out of inspiration, 13 of which have been here at the Eugene Saturday Market.

What do you do with your booth to make it appealing to potential customers?

My booth has been an evolving project, I have aspired to make it a place where people not only get beautiful art, but also experience the rich tradition which it came from.

What is one piece of advice you would share with new artists selling at Saturday Market?

I try to encourage new vendors to offer their customers an experience, you can buy art anywhere, but only places like Saturday Market can you be part of that process and get to know the artist!

What do you wish you knew when you started selling at Saturday Market?

I wish that someone would have told me when I first started, that this is an ongoing process. You don't put your booth and product together and bam your done, you evolve, when the market shifts, you shift. The constant change keeps both your customer and you excited about the art, Market will be new every time they come!

Henna Creations from Emily Bishop are available at the Saturday Market in the West Block, under the awning. Come take a look!