Saturday Market Member Newsletter

Published weekly during the Market season, generally available on Friday afternoon.


April 2 - Opening Day! Fee changes, various reminders April 9 - Fire Marshal reminders, Market posters, Envelope etiquette, etc. April 16 - Protect your valuables, Street Team News, Committee Corner, etc. April 23 - Seeking Mothers Day Giveaway Items, How to Report Possible Standards Violations, Marathon traffic next weekend, etc. April 30 - Seeking Mothers Day Giveaway Items, Tuesday Market starts next week, New featured food producer booth, etc. May 7 - Board adopts changes to Reserve Booth Attendance policy, Consider running for the Board, Mother's Day Giveaway, etc. May 14 -Don't Park for Load Out on Oak St. Before 5, Holiday Market Application changes, Reserve Booth Policy for 2017, etc. May 21 -Board Candidate Statements due Wednesday, Committee Corner, Tarps and Overhangs Rules, etc. May 28 -Candidate Statements Available, Office Closed Tuesday, Street Team Meeting Report, etc. June 4 -Load out parking issues, Four reserve spaces available, etc. June 11 -Board election today, Kareng Fund news, etc. June 18 -Election results, Holiday Market Guide Book, Stay until 5, etc. June 25 -Apply Now for Holiday Market, Holiday Market Guide Book, Farmers Say Hello, etc. July 2 -Holiday Market deadline July 20, Holiday Market Guide Book, Doing Other Shows? Take a Poster! etc. July 9 -The Annual One Sided News, plus cartoons July 16 - HM Reserve deadline Wednesday, Stay Open Until 5, etc. July 23 - HM Guidebook Deadline soon, Committee Corner, HM booking starts next week, etc. July 30 - HM booking has started, HM Guidebook Deadline Monday, Get some internet fame, etc. August 6 - Booking at 30+ HM points, Committee Corner, Stay until 5, etc. August 13 - Booking at 25 HM points, Beware Shoplifters, Time to Make Elves, etc. August 20 - Booking at 14 HM points, HM Guidebook Deadline, Hot Weather Etiquette, etc. August 27 - Booking at 9 HM points, Informational Meeting Wednesday, Make an Elf, etc. September 3 - Booking at 4 HM points, Board Meeting Wednesday, Make an Elf, etc. September 10 - Booking at 0 HM points, Lots of Meetings This Week, Seeking Site Staff, etc. September 17 - Downtown Developments Task Force Letter, Take the Market Member Survey, etc. September 24 - Holiday Market Postcards Available, Downtown Devlopments update, etc. October 1 - Market Wide Sale Oct 15, Make an Elf, etc. October 8 - Market Wide Sale Oct 15, HM Orientations & Final Product Screenings, etc. October 15 - Elf Ornaments to Color, HM Orientations & Final Product Screenings, etc. October 22 - Holiday Market Guidebooks available, Annual Meeting Nov. 2, etc. October 29 - Final Orientation Nov. 2, Annual Meeting Nov. 2, Check your Fire Extinguisher, etc. November 5 - Three Awards Awarded, Consider Running for the Board, etc. November 12 -We Made It! Happy Last Outdoor Saturday!, etc. November 19 -Holiday Market News, Remove Stock, Weds. Deadline for Board Statements, etc. November 25 -Holiday Market News, Board Statements Available, etc. December 3 -Holiday Market News, Board Statements Available, etc. December 10 -Board Election This Weekend, Family Portrait Sunday, etc. December 17 -Haiku/Limerick Contest, Manager Evaluations, HM Evaluations, etc. December 22 -New Board Members, Office and Load Out Schedule, Art Bingo, etc.