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To apply, click here and download the application packet, complete the pdf form, and email with a cover letter describing why you want to work for the Eugene Saturday Market: employment@eugenesaturdaymarket.org with GM Search Committee in the subject line. Please save the pdf with the file name as “Your-Name-GM-Application.pdf” We also accept applications mailed to our office, 30 E Broadway #124, Eugene OR, 97401. Deadline is June 9, 2017.

General Manager Job Description

General Statement of Duties

Has overall responsibility for the management and operations of the Saturday Market’s corporate affairs, insuring policies and other directives issued by the Board of Directors are carried out. 

Specific Responsibilities

Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

  • Designs, implements, and evaluates programs to accomplish goals and policies as established by the Board of Directors.
  • Provides information and assistance to the Board. Creates and maintains in accordance with Board policy Administrative, Operations and Personnel Policy Manuals as well as other key organizational documents.

Financial Management

  • Develops an annual budget in consultation with the Treasurer and the Board of Directors, in accordance with Market policies. 
  • Reviews and approves all expenditures in accordance with approved budget and within reasonable limits of flexibility. Makes recommendations for budget amendments and revisions. 
  • Responsible for collections and recording of member fees. 
  • Ensures that all Market financial obligations are met in a timely manner, including payroll and tax liabilities. 
  • Makes and interprets quarterly financial reports to the Board. 
  • Responsible for keeping the corporation adequately insured and for maintaining all required permits, and contracts.

Personnel Management

  • Recruits, selects, trains, supervises and evaluates all staff. 
  • Follows established personnel policies and makes recommendations for changes as needed.

Community Liaison

  • Acts as agent of the corporation in relations and negotiations with public agencies, media, professional associations, businesses, and the general public. 
  • Board, Committee and Member Relationships
  • Attends monthly Board meetings, supervises the preparation of minutes, draft agendas and informational material for the Board. 
  • Maintains communication with committees of the corporation and assigns and coordinates staff support to these groups, establishes and maintains a good working relationship with members of the corporation.

Market Site Responsibilities

  • Overall responsibility for the operations of the Market. 

Desired Qualifications

  • Professional knowledge of organizations and financial management practices.
  • Experience in office and personnel management.
  • Three years supervisory and administrative experience.
  • Experience in non-profit organizations 
  • High level of computer literacy on a PC platform 
  • Proven oral and written communications skills
  • Skill in dealing with persons from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds .

Salary: Dependent on experience

Benefits: Health insurance, vacation and holidays, life insurance

To apply, click here and download the application packet, complete the pdf form and email with a cover letter describing why you want to work for the Eugene Saturday Market, and a short list of links to your relevant online portfolios, web and social media work that you would like us to see to: employment@eugenesaturdaymarket.org with Promo Search Committee in the subject line. Please save the pdf with the file name as “Your-Name-Promo-Application.pdf” We also accept applications mailed to our office, 30 E Broadway #124, Eugene OR, 97401. Deadline is June 9, 2017.

Manager of Market Promotions and Advertising

General Job Description

This person is the public representative of Eugene Saturday Market, primarily responsible for branding, marketing and promotional activities, publicity, public relations, websites and social media presence. Works cooperatively with the General Manager in the overall management and daily operation of Saturday Market and Holiday Market. This is a full time position, with some monthly evening committee meetings. Presence at all Market events is required. (Generally 12 PM - 8 PM on Saturdays, April - mid-Nov.; Weekends plus some weekdays, mid-Nov. - Christmas Eve.)

Specific Responsibilities

Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations

  • Responsible for planning, budgeting, producing and placing annual marketing for Saturday Market and Holiday Market.
  • Maintains active presence and grows current social media channel engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) adding others as appropriate.
  • Develops, coordinates and promotes special promotional events such as Market-Wide Sale, Mothers Day Giveaway, Holiday Elf Hunt
  • Produces and distributes Press Releases regarding Market Events
  • Is Market contact and main spokesperson for local news media outlets
  • Maintains and regularly updates Saturday Market and Holiday Market websites
  • Produces monthly email customer newsletter
  • Places and maintains listings on tourist and event websites, maps, etc.
  • Directly supervises the Stage Manager, getting weekly information on performance schedule for posts and signage, and performer payments.

Market Operations

  • Uses Market day to connect with Market members and customers, capturing content for advertising and social media campaigns. Posts to social media from Market event days as appropriate.
  • Shares supervision of Market assistants, security staff and volunteers with General Manager.
  • Supervises Market day activities mid-afternoon (once the GM leaves). until closing, including trouble-shooting and interacting with members and the general public to assure the safety, security and cleanliness of the Market.
  • Helps to staff the information booth during member check-out period, 5 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Assists in after-Market closing duties including counting and depositing cash, and other record keeping activities.

Member Support Services

  • Manages and produces Market communications to Members including:
    • Weekly Market newsletter during Market season.
    • Event applications and information packets in print and online, collaborating with GM and Membership Coordinator
    • Important notices to membership via email list and Member Facebook Group
  • Is main administrator for private Market Member Facebook Group
  • Co-creates promotional materials with individual members, i.e. business cards, product labels, signage

Community Liaison

  • Attends monthly meetings of Downtown Eugene Merchants group and Unique Eugene, committee involvement strongly encouraged.
  • Establishes and maintains good working relations with local arts/crafts groups, tourism groups, media representatives and other civic and professional groups.

Board and Committee Relationships

  • Attends all Saturday Market Board of Directors meetings, Holiday Market meetings and other committee and task force meetings as needed.
  • Reports monthly to Board of Directors on Marketing activities and plans
  • Records and distributes minutes of Holiday Market and other committee meetings as needed.

Desired Qualifications

  • Well developed oral and written communication skills
  • Advanced skills with Adobe Suite programs on Mac platform. (Primarily InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver)
  • Adept in using various social media platforms, prior experience with business promotion preferred
  • Experience in developing and producing marketing and promotional materials
  • Experience working with advertising budgets
  • Experience with community-based organizations
  • Experience in craft, retail, and/or events management
  • Skills in working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Commitment to self-directed continuing education on job-relevant topics

Salary: Dependent on experience

Benefits: Health insurance, vacation and holidays, life insurance

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To apply, email resume and cover letter describing why you want to work at Saturday Market to employment@eugenesaturdaymarket.org.

Market Assistant - Set up/Take down

We are currently hiring for a weekly crew member. Position open until filled.

General Statement of Duties

A Market Assistant is part of a crew that is responsible for setting up and taking down the infrastructure of the Market before and after regular market hours. This is a split shift position. The hours for this position will usually be Saturday 4:30 or 5 AM - 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM – 8:30 or 9 PM, but workers should be prepared to change schedules as needed. Market Assistants are supervised by the Site Operations Supervisor or supervisor on site.

During a shift, they are also responsible for helping the market managers, the events management staff and the security to regulate activities of market members and the public in accordance with market rules, various municipal regulations and the rules of common sense. The Market Assistant is not an enforcer but a communicator of information. They should be able to effectively communicate guidelines to market members and patrons in all types of situations and they should be able to communicate important situational information to market managers in a timely and effective manner. This position is team-oriented.

Duties and Responsibilities

This job entails setting up and taking down the tents, tables, chairs, fences and other duties involved with creating a public marketplace. This job requires constant vigilance and attention to surroundings during working hours. Market Assistants are the first line of safety for the Market and also Market's representatives to the public. They must arrive on time and check in with the Site Operations Supervisor. This position is physical and requires: walking, bending, stooping, standing and the ability to lift 50 lbs. The person in this position must have an attention to detail and respect for Market, city and county property. They expected to become familiar with aspects of their community and anticipate where they may be needed next. Attributes needed to succeed in this position include the ability to: work well without supervision, set realistic goals, and act effectively and calmly when faced with a crisis. Market Assistants should be familiar with vendor and city regulations. A certification in Rescue Breathing and CPR techniques is a plus. Following safe work practices is an absolute MUST!

The Saturday Market is dedicated to sustainability; workers must be able and willing to sort compostables and recyclables from the trash. Protective equipment is provided.

At the end of each day, the Market Assistant shall note any unusual occurrences on the log sheets located at the Market stage. Any situation requiring more than five minutes of a Market Assistant’s time to resolve shall be reported to their direct supervisor or the manager on duty (if the supervisor is unavailable).

Market apparel and a name tag must be worn while on duty, these will be provided at no cost to the employee. The Assistant will be part of a team responsible for use and monitoring of safety equipment; such as, flagging, fencing, cones and stanchions. He/she will also help monitor parking by members on-site.


  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to deal effectively with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • Ability to keep a clear head when faced with stressful situations.
  • Ability to provide appropriate information
  • A pleasant disposition
  • Good physical condition and the ability to lift 50 lbs.

Wages: $9.75/hr. to start.